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Liam solo at Fratmen

This summer Liam has spent a few weeks in the FratPad, where he did a lot of muscle training.  Right before he went back to school, he jerked his big uncut cock for us one last time. But it turns out that wasn’t the last cumshot at all. Our hairy and more musclular Liam has returned to Fratmen.TV, where he again jerks his big uncut dick. He really transformed from a fratboy to a fratmen.

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  • FratPadPD

    Here we have the most beautiful guy to ever be seen an cam .. FratPad has certainly has their share of great looking guys, BUT Fratmen Liam is the top layer you just want to sink your teeth in .. Yes, Liam is a ‘furry’ one, but he wears it in all the right places .. Those who choose this line of work, do it for more than the money .. Some even go as for as just wanting to please in other ways .. This certainly doesn’t mean one needs to ‘get plowed’ to pay for college loans .. Far from it .. Unlike many others, Liam certainly demonstrates he has a very sweet and adorble personality .. Liam doesn’t appear to be empty, unlike most others before him .. There is something for everyone to love about Liam .. Whether it be his beautiful blue eyes; fantastic personality; gorgeous look; heart-warming smile .. If you haven’t checked out Liam for yourself, you certainly need to .. Be sure to check out Liam at fratpad or fratmensucks .. Enough said .. PD

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