Sean Cody: Brandon fucks Jeffrey

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Jeffrey is a really fun guy and he is always looking for ways to explore his sexuality. It’s a horny fellow as well. Put him in a room with another hot guy and Jeffrey grows a boner instantly. Brandon is a bit shy and he has only done one video for Sean Cody so far. He was paired up with Jamie in the first video and het got a blowjob and a rimjob.

Jeffrey asked Brandon which one he liked better and Brandon replied that he liked the blowjob better. It was the first time he got his ass eaten out and it felt a bit strange. “Nice, but strange” he adds. In this video, Brandon sucks his very first cock and I can’t really tell if he likes it or not. Then he moves over to fuck Jeffrey’s ass and you can see he’s really into it.

He pounds Jeffrey’s tight ass in many different positions and after he unloads he keep fucking that ass, so it must feel good. Both guys are muscular and it’s so hot to see their power and strength while they are fucking. The video ends with a passionate kiss, while Brandon’s cock is still burried inside Jeffrey’s hole. Great video from Sean Cody!

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  • The Porn Guy

    Brandon is so hot. He has such an amazing body and I just love those muscular arms. I hope he stays with Sean Cody. I would love to see him being paired up with Douglas!

  • Ronald

    Both guys are very handsome.

    I am a little disappointed, because we don’t get to see the cock sucking. I guess most people are obsessed with fucking, but at least one picture showing some cock sucking would not hurt!!

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