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Corbin Fisher: Philip and Grant

college jock Philip and Grant fuck at Corbin Fisher

Philip always excels when he bottoms for someone. He has some intense reactions when he gets fucked. But Philip is also an awesome top who loves to fuck. He never seems to get enough of it. And just the thought of getting to plow a new freshman before anyone else, made Philip rock-hard before he even got his pants off. Philip couldn’t wait to get inside Grant’s tight ass. In fact, Philip’s boner literally popped out of his underwear!

Philip bends Grant over the bed. Philip wastes no time, sliding his dick into him. Philip slams his cock inside, faster and faster. He’s enjoying that tight ass! Grant tells Philip how much he’s loving that cock ramming into his ass. Grant clutches the sheets as he tells Philip to keep hitting it. Philip responds by fucking him harder and harder, now that he knows Grant can take it.

Getting Grant on his back, Philip nails his hole. He drives his dick in as deep as he can. Grant keeps encouraging him, telling him how he’s hitting his prostate so well. Grant strokes his cock as Philip pounds him. Philip holds up Grant’s legs. Philip is relentless, drilling away. He spreads Grant’s legs and jackhammers him. Philip pulls out and shoots his load into Grant’s mouth. Cum streams across Grant’s cheek. Grant sucks Philip’s cock dry.

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