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Randy Blue: Josh Conners & Porter Wescott

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Josh Conners and Porter Wescott are such a perfect match.  Porter, sporting his hot new manscruff and unshaven body, has been a favorite here at Randy Blue for some time.  And Josh has already gotten lots of comments on our blog for his first solo, jerking off outside where anyone could catch him.

Porter begins Josh’s first hardcore video with a nice long sensual blowjob.  Pretty soon they’re both wrapped around each other yin yang style rimming each other’s hot asses.  Josh is having fun exploring every inch of Porter’s sexy body, and who can blame him.

Porter plunges his hard throbbing cock in Josh’s furry pucker and the look on Josh’s face says it all.  He loves to get fucked and when you’re getting fucked by such a hot stud as Porter there’s no way you can have a bad time.  Porter finishes the job by unloading a nice shot of spunk all over Josh’s chest.

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