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Sean Cody: Cole and Calvin

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Cole and Calvin at Sean Cody

Cole was very open about the fact that he loves to be “man handled!” So, it wasn’t a surprise when Cole “submitted” instantly to Calvin. You can just tell when a guy can’t wait to put a huge dick in his mouth and Cole was no exception.

The second Calvin pulled his shorts off, Cole looked up at him with a smile and went straight down on his cock. Cole had a bit of trouble taking it all in at first but Calvin did not let up and made him take it. After that, Cole’s ass was ready for a fucking. Calvin slid his dick into Cole’s hairy hole and did not let up.

Calvin could tell that Cole definitely enjoyed being man handled and even pulled out some moves that I hadn’t seen before! He railed into him as he held his head down with his foot! Cole took every inch of Calvin’s cock and loved every minute of it!

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