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Corbin Fisher: Beck’s first time (Really CF?)

Corbin Fisher

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New freshman Beck has never done anything with a guy.

[Are you sure Corbin Fisher? Remember Caleb Young from College Dudes?] 

He’s a little nervous. But with upperclassman Josh on the job, Beck has nothing to worry about!  Josh kisses Beck, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. Josh pushes him down on the sofa, kissing his way down Beck’s lean-muscled torso. He kisses Beck’s nipples and abs, and kisses his crotch through his jeans.

Beck watches intently as Josh rubs his cock through his underwear. Josh pulls Beck’s dick out and sucks on it. He spits on Beck’s dick and deepthroats him. Josh gets Beck’s cock completely wet with his mouth. He licks up and down the length of Beck’s shaft before swallowing his dick again.

Josh tells Beck to give dick sucking a try. Beck goes down on Josh’s cock. He strokes his own dick as he sucks Josh’s cock. Beck wraps his lips around the head, and jerks Josh’s cock.  “How’s that taste?” Josh asks. Beck can’t answer with his mouth full. But his dick is rock-hard – so I think he must like it!

Josh climbs on top of Beck and slides Beck’s thick dick into his ass. Josh rides Beck’s cock, sliding up and down on it. Josh jerks his cock as he grinds down on Beck. Beck drills up into Josh. Josh gets up and bends over, so Beck can fuck him from behind. Beck slams into Josh’s ass. Josh’s stiff cock bounces up and down as he gets boned. “Oh my God,” Josh says as Beck continues to ram into him. He moves back onto the couch so Beck can fuck him in a missionary position.

Beck shoves his cock back into Josh. They kiss. Beck’s amazing ass pumps back and forth as he pounds Josh’s hole. Josh moans louder as Beck fucks him faster. Beck fucks a big load out of Josh. Cum sprays all the way up onto Josh’s chest and cheek!

Beck pulls out and shoots his load onto Josh’s abs. He strokes every last drop out of his cock. The guys kiss. Josh says Beck’s pretty good … I guess so if he makes you shoot yourself in the face like that!

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