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The focal point of Ricardo’s body is his big, thick, massive cock! That’s definitely the first thing you look at when you see him naked. It hangs big soft, and it gets bigger when it gets hard!

Ricardo has a Dominican background. He says he comes from a very Catholic family and he has a lot of brother and sisters. “My family is huge!” he said. “But I love it. We’re very close.” Ricardo has a very exotic look, with golden skin and beautiful hazel eyes. He’s 20 years old and he’s been a fan of all sports as long as he’s been able to play.

But his biggest love in life is the ocean. He lives near the beach and he spends every free moment he has there. “The beach makes me smile,” he said. “It makes me feel like I am happy. I makes me feel relaxed.”

He was definitely at home with the sand and the waves. Even the cold autumn water didn’t phase him! “Yeah, I love the beach. Just enjoy a day out here by myself!”

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