Bukbuddies: Ben and Joth (Study Buddies)

Ben and Joth

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As you might expect, Ben, your typical college jock with a hardon for anything that moves, has nothing but “party hearty” on his mind. And Joth, his cute studious roommate is trying his best to keep them both on track for the upcumming exams. That’s just it, Ben’s idea of upcumming exams is totally different from what Joth is thinking. And that’s where we pick up the action.

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  • Beforethedawn

    Except even with a membership you don’t get access to this site.  I signed up for a membership and all I got was access to some pridevault ripoff site…DON’T join bukbuddies,  they are still shady as fuck!

    • bukbuddies support


      please get in touch with me at nick@malebux.comI will make sure to look into your membership and make sure you are fully taken care of thank you

  • Bukrippoff

    I experienced the same rippoff as Beforethedawn. Tried emailing the webmaster but git ni response. 
    BEWARE! This site is a rip-off! After giving then your credit card and joining none of the bukbuddies content is actually available. You just get a couple shitty “badboy pass” sample videos and advertisements for other sites with offers to “upgrade.” AVOID THIS SITE!

    • JockLover

      Thank you for your valuable comment and sorry to hear you got a bad experience with Bukbuddies. I am sure Nick from Malebux (parent company of Malebux) is able to assist you with this matter. 

  • Nick

    hey bukrippoffplease contact me at nick@malebux:disqus .comWith your username/pasword and I will see to it that you will have access to the content you paid for
    sorry for the inconvenience please allow me to make things right


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