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College Dudes: Brandon Rose

Brandon Rose

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Brandon Rose is a six foot four 21 year old with an amazing body, defined and toned from all of the outdoor exercise he gets. From the moment we met him, we loved Brandon for his comraderie and his sense of humor, but we loved him even more when he stripped naked and got an eyeful of his hot hard cock!

Brandon, after taking off his underwear, stands tall caressing his sexy body and thick piece of meat, glancing a little shyly at the camera at first. He tugs at his balls and plays with the head of his dick – clearly enjoying himself. As he moves onto his knees and bends over to give us an amazing view of his ass, Brandon shows us that he has no asset that is not top notch!

He jerks his cock downward with his back arched, allowing us to see his hot asshole in its full glory. It looks completely untouched, but Brandon seems fairly comfortable with the position and showing off for us this way. His dick is pulsing it is so hard. Brandon flips over and as he jerks of on the bed, his beautiful legs start to tense up, and his toes curl a bit as he comes closer to climax. He strokes his dick firmly but gently, and as he tugs a little faster he gushes out a nice wad of cum.

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