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Walker is one of those guys you see playing basketball shirtless out at the park, that makes you want to run out there and play with him, just so you can bump into that lean, sweaty torso a few times. Walker is pretty competitive, so you’d have to play hard to keep up with him.

Walker’s studying business in school right now, and he bartends on the side. You know he’s the bartender everyone has a crush on. I know I’d definitely order a body shot from him!

So, it’s a little hard to believe that this handsome and charming guy is shy when meeting girls! Walker says he gets nervous and even stutters when he approaches girls for the first time. Who could turn down that handsome face, lean-muscled body and quietly confident personality?

Of course, we know something these girls don’t – Walker has a long and thick uncut cock! After shooting hoops outside, he strips down in the bathtub, and soaks himself with a washcloth.

Walker rubs every inch of that tight body, getting himself good and wet. When he starts dripping water down the length of his cock, he starts getting turned on. He starts stroking that long dick, pulling the foreskin back. Walker plays with his chest and rubs his neck as he sits on the corner of the tub, jerking himself off.

Walker uses both hands to stroke, and grabs his nuts as well. He’s not shy about stimulating his cock, that’s for sure! He lays in the bathtub, and works his dick with both hands until he strokes a thick load out!

I know Walker had a lot of fun during the shoot. He said he wouldn’t be able to get off with another guy, but he kept laughing when I would joke about the guys I was going to pair him with, or the kinky sex I was going to make him try.  So far, Walker’s hasn’t committed to anything, but I never give up hope and can be very persistent!

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