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Corbin Fisher: Connor fucks Sloan

Connor fucks Sloan

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Hot newcomer Sloan kicks off his CF education with none other than Greek god, Connor. Lucky guy! I think you’re going to like Sloan. He has a great body, a handsome face, and is a fun and sexy guy to hang around with. Like many of the freshmen, he was a little nervous – only he was more nervous about having sex with Connor than he was about the cameras!

Connor makes him feel right at ease. He licks and kisses Sloan’s nipple before playing with Sloan’s dick through his underwear. That makes Sloan good and hard. Connor sticks that dick in his mouth and sucks it hard.

Sloan returns the favor and blows Connor’s cock. Connor rubs their dicks together, then moves into a 69 position. Sloan deepthroats all of Connor’s big cock! Connor plays with Sloan’s ass, eating it out and sliding his finger into it, getting Sloan’s hole ready to take his dick.

Connor plunges his cock into Sloan’s tight ass. Sloan can’t believe how great that big dick feels ramming inside him. Connor fucks even deeper, making him moan. Connor moves Sloan into doggy-style, and shoves his cock back inside him.

Sloan watches himself get fucked in the mirror. “Like that big dick in your ass?” Connor says. All Sloan says is “Fuck me hard!” Connor pulls Sloan’s arms behind his back and pounds his ass. Sloan can’t stop looking in the mirror. Who can blame him? It’s one hot reflection!

Connor lies down and Sloan rides his cock. Sloan strokes his dick as Connor drills up into him. Sloan blasts an insane load! Cum flies everywhere. Connor pulls out and shoots his load onto his ripped abs.

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