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Muscle boy jerks off for Bukbuddies

This is the second shoot Jack has done for Bukbuddies. The 18 year old tattooed boy had me when I laid my eyes on him for the first time. He’s got the perfect mix of cuteness and roughness. He strips down to reveal his beautiful and slightly muscular body. You can tell he feels comfortable being naked and actually there’s no reason not to.  He teases his cock, till he’s rock hard.

Even though this video is a little weird, with Jack jerking off in a wooden chest (!!), that doesn’t distract from the little hottie. He jerks his hard cock and works out a big load. Jack is a real shooter, as his cumshot hits his face!

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    BEWARE! This site is a rip-off! After giving then your credit card and joining none of the bukbuddies content is actually available. You just get a couple shitty “badboy pass” sample videos and advertisements for other sites with offers to “upgrade.” AVOID THIS SITE!

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