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CockyBoys: Phenix Saint plows Phillip Aubrey

Phenix Saint fucks Phillip Aubrey

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Sometimes I have a hard time describing what I want in a CockyBoy: I just know it when I see it! It’s attitude. It’s sex appeal. Some are young and some are older. Buff, thin, ripped… true CockyBoys come in all shapes and sizes. ┬áRecently, I’ve been catching up with some of the original CockyBoys–the boys whose scenes helped launch the site–and am working to bring them back home… to CockyBoys!

Jasper St. John is one of those unforgettable original CockyBoys. He started out with us a couple of years ago when he first fucked Jason Pitt before going on to become a major player in the biz, where he is now known as Phillip Aubrey. I have become a big fan of his work–as you know, I love aggressive bottoms–so I hit him up on Twitter about a month ago to discuss his coming back to CockyBoys.

Thankfully, he agreed…and now Philip is the first in a new series I am producing: one a cocky boy… always a cocky boy! ┬áIn this scene, I paired him with another original CockyBoy and all-time favorite, Phenix Saint.

Phenix interviewed Phillip for a few minutes, but he couldn’t concentrate enough on the talking part when he knew that under those clothes was the body of a Greek god. The clothes came off pretty quickly, and the two of them got down to business the way only pros know how to! This is the best of the best and it’s only the beginning because once a cockyboy… always a cockyboy!

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