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Sean Cody: Reid


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Sean Cody hunk Reid solo

“When did you decide to grow a beard?” “About six months ago,” Reid replied. “I was feeling lazy, didn’t feel like shaving for a week… and then I liked it!” “Well, it looks good on you,” I said. “It matches the rest of your body!” “Yeah, I guess,” he said with a chuckle.

“So,” I asked, “when did you start getting hairy?” “Early,” he replied. “It was actually kind of embarrassing at first. In gym class, I’d always be on the ‘skins’ team somehow.” “You didn’t like it?” “Well, I had a hairy chest and everyone else had nothing.” “Yeah,” I said, “I guess as a kid you don’t want to be different.” “Exactly!”

Well, his chest hair totally works now. He’s got a lean, nicely muscled, swimmer’s build and he’s pretty hairy!

Watch the full length scene at Sean Cody

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