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Did Tony Douglas went too far?

Being a succesful porn star means you’re in the spot lights. Social media makes it easier than ever before for fans to get in contact with their favorite gay porn actors. I do understand that some fans may seem to be obsessed with certain porn stars, but that’s one of the things you have to deal with. As a porn actor you need fans and you should embrace them. Even if you’re not personally into a fan, you can always be a nice and thank him for his support.

Tony Douglas for It's Gonna Hurt

[photo from It’s Gonna Hurt – with Castro]

I know most models are very kind and thankful to their fans, but some do forget that the fans are the ones who pay their bills. Tony Douglas, a Fabscout model who has done some shoots for various sites including College Dudes, Suite 703, and Badpuppy seems to have a problem with a black guy who appears to be a big fan Рor maybe he even has a problem with black people in general.

Is Tony racist or is he just fooling around? The guy in question sure doesn’t appreciate Tony’s tweets.

EDIT (April 30, 1012): Both Fabscout (the model scout/agency) as well as College Dudes have confirmed never to work with or hire Tony again.

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