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Naked Sword: Troy Haydon fucks Ari Sylvio

Troy Haydon fucks Ari Sylvio

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A high-powered executive, Ari Sylvio needed a little break from the office grind by taking lunch at The Nob Hill Theater, a legendary San Francisco institution of sexual depravity. Alone in the dark theater, Ari is enjoying the movie when tattooed British hunk Troy Haydon walks in and starts checking him out.

Only one problem: both Troy and Ari are in long-term relationships with other men. But like so many others … they’re bored with what they’ve got. They both find themselves at a crossroads: Do they stay or do they go?

As Troy slides into the seat next to Ari, licks his palm and starts jacking him off… it’s not too hard to imagine what they both decided: Right off the bat, their sexual chemistry is explosive! Kissing, sucking and fucking in public: not usually the template for a budding romance, but something that afternoon clicked!

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