Sean Cody

Sean Cody: Dane barebacks Pierce

Dane barebacks Pierce

Watch the full bareback scene at Sean Cody

Dane and Pierce at Sean Cody

“Again,” Pierce said. “How am I always the bottom?” He was trying to make us believe that he was frustrated, but we knew better. He kept stealing little glances at Dane that gave him away. He wanted to get fucked! “Look at that ass,” Dane joked. “I totally understand why everyone wants to fuck it.”

Dane was in great spirits. He was looking beefier and he’d grown a beard. “You’re looking kind of like a daddy,” I said. “Like a DILF…” Pierce started rubbing his shoulders.

“Yeah, look at how big his muscles are!” Pierce said, excitement in his eyes. “I’d totally let him fuck me.” They both laughed. They’d had some time out at the park throwing a football around… they’d gotten to know each other and the sexual tension was high!

Watch the full video at Sean Cody

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