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Chaosmen: Jake Moon

Jake Moon

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Jake Moon jerks off

Jake Moon is a massage worker who has been wanting to do some porn to help diversify his portfolio.  He identifies as straight, but the guy does like having his ass fucked, specifically from behind. Loves having a cock rubbing up his ass cheeks before plunging in.

For the solo I thought we would do some toys. He eye-balled a couple dildos before the shoot. He liked the white dildo because of the angle, and the hefty dildo he didnt’t think would be a problem. He did great with the smaller one, but when it came to the large one, he had to quit after only a minute. His eyes were bigger than his hole!

Jake cums easiest while standing. He dumped his load into his hand and promptly ate it all up. Very tidy and a no muss no fuss clean-up!

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