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Bentley Race: Zac Frevo

Zac Frevo solo

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Zac Frevo jerks off

My best mate Zac Frevo recently returned to the front of the camera while we were on vacation in Asia. When we got back to Australia I suggested that we take a road trip and do some shooting in the countryside of Victoria. I love shooting out in the Australian bush. And my mates love getting off outdoors.

It was the start of summer on the day we headed out on our trip. Zac was worried about my choice of location, but soon he was getting turned on by dropping his pants by the roadside as I grabbed some photos. There was very little traffic and only a few farm houses around. So nothing was going to interrupt our planned shoot.

First I grabbed a load of cheeky photos of Zac dropping his pants and hitchhiking with his cock out. Then we headed off the road in to the bush where my mate could get off while I recorded him. He had brought along his favourite sex toy (the FleshJack) to fuck during the scene.

My favourite parts of this video are where Zac is kneeling and jacking on the ground, and when he cums hands-free after fucking the FleshJack. Zac looks great as he’s working his big cock in the hot summer sun. I’m looking forward to seeing him in some hot action scenes with my other mates soon.

Watch the full length scene at Bentley Race

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