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Next Door Male: Austin Merrick

Austin Merrick

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Austin Merrick jerks off

If you’re looking for a super hot guy that’s as interesting and talented as he is good looking, Austin Merrick is the dude for you. Austin is hanging out around the pool today, performing some parcours. If you’re not familiar with that, it’s a cutting edge activity that involves using one’s surroundings as a sort of urban playground.

Austin is back flipping off walls, break-dancing like a pro, and stroking his cock like a stud. Hear about his passion for using his body to express himself and stay positive. But once he pops his ┬áhard cock out of his underwear, you’ll know the real reason he’s so confident and sexy!

Austin loves sliding large toys into his ass and here he’s taking a dildo deep. Join him as he sits by the pool and strokes his dick while bouncing slowly on a huge rubber dong.

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