Staxus: Rudy Valentino and James Wilson

Rudy Valentino and James Wilson

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We know for a fact that Rudy Valentino has his favorites when it comes to a hard session of sucking and fucking, but he’s also enjoys meeting new guys and taking them (and their tight, virgin assholes) to places that they probably never dreamed of going before. As is the case here with young James Wilson, who’s new to the pleasures of performing in front of camera but who clearly doesn’t seem to take much persuading when it comes to going all the way for a quick buck.

Mind, it’s clear that this is a boy with a previously unexplored kink to his nature – or at least if the way he takes to sniffing Valentino’s jocks are anything to go by. It certainly puts the handsome beauty into quite a sexual high, eagerly slurping off Valentino’s dick before parting his legs for the fuck of his life.

The sight of that bare cock slipping into those unexplored depths will be more than enough to get you jerking like crazy, and even more so when Wilson sits astride Valentino’s lap and rocks around on that hard knob for all he’s worth. Little wonder that both lads are soon spurting like a couple of troopers – Valentino’s shot serving as a real testimony to his pedigree as porn star gold!

Watch the full length scene at Staxus

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