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Men Over 30: Jeremy Stevens and Joe Parker

Jeremy Stevens fucks Joe Parker

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Jeremy and Joe at Menover30

We haven’t seen 33 year old Joe Parker since last December, and his strong jaw, agate blue eyes, lean fur covered body and fat, long cock have been seen here topping a variety a hunky, lucky studs, but when he reported to the set today and said he was going to be on the receiving end for the first time at Men Over 30, we couldn’t wait to see the man who made Joe’s ankles leave the ground: Jeremy Stevens.

Jeremy is a 37 year old blond stunner with six feet of muscle, charisma off the charts and sex appeal oozing out of every pore. When we spoke to the two of them afterwards, we weren’t surprised to see they were still leaning over for a kiss now and then, but after what had just transpired between them, the fact they were post-orgasm and yet both still rock hard is almost as much of a miracle as the chemistry between these men.

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