Staxus: Boris Orla and Jace Reed fuck Tim Law

Boris Orla and Jace Reed double penetrate Tim Law

Watch Boris and Jace double fucking Tim’s ass

Hung army boys double penetrate Tim Law at Staxus

It’s been the same since the Great War – maybe even before that. Young men taking themselves to the army recruitment office to sign up for what’s promised to be the “great adventure” of battle! Only in young Tim Law’s case, it’s not so much armed conflict that recruiting officers Boris Orla and Jace Reed have in mind as a wanton session of cock-sucking and ass-fucking! Indeed, the only weapons that Law is likely to encounter are the two meaty knobs stuffed inside the army guys’ khaki trousers!

Not that a boy like Law’s gonna complain. Having expressed his initial reservation about being ordered to strip, he’s soon coming to terms with the rigours of army life when presented with the pent-up libidos of Reed and Orla. Not that a couple of thick, swollen dicks are ever likely to throw a fellow of Law’s constitution. As anyone who’s seen him in action before can testify, here’s a guy who quite literally lives for the next fat cock, and it’s no surprise that he’s soon opening his mouth and parting his legs for every meaty inch that the army recruiters can thrust his way!

The ultimate recruitment test, however, is yet to come. Having manfully handled the probing attentions of his “interviewers” – including a rigorous assault on his rear from Reed’s monster-sized ramrod! – the lad finds himself taking both the recruiters’ dicks up his ass at the same time. Needless to report, it’s an assault that you’re gonna love to watch almost as much as Law enjoys receiving; culminating in the twink’s face getting splattered in goo. As the regiment’s fuck-boy, Law’s a definite shoo-in!

Watch Boris and Jace fucking Tim’s ass at Staxus


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