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Fratmen: Archer

Archer at Fratmen

See Archer in his solo video at Fratmen.TV

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Chaosmen: Dominick

Dominick jerks off for Chaosmen-

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Randy Blue: Nick Sterling

Nick Sterling jerks off on a boat

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Bound Jocks: Benjamin Bradley

Bound Jocks movies

Bound Jocks has been able to sign a lot of big industry names and one of them is Benjamin Bradley. Benjamin works as a porn star since 2005 and he appeared in a lot of movies, such as Delinquents, Boot Boy and Inntrigued. He has also earned his money as a model for the uderwear brand Ginch Gonch. Now, the hot jock is back for some rope play, as he gets tied up at Bound Jocks.

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Fratmen.TV: Liam

Liam solo at Fratmen

This summer Liam has spent a few weeks in the FratPad, where he did a lot of muscle training.  Right before he went back to school, he jerked his big uncut cock for us one last time. But it turns out that wasn’t the last cumshot at all. Our hairy and more musclular Liam has returned to Fratmen.TV, where he again jerks his big uncut dick. He really transformed from a fratboy to a fratmen.

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Marcus Mojo: fucked by Nick Spartan

Marcus Mojo videos

Marcus Mojo is passed out from having too much drinks the night before. Nude and vulnerable, he’s pretty much right where Nick Spartan wants him. Nick has been waiting for the right time to make his move on Marcus, and now is as good a time as any. He slowly begins to caress Marcus’ body, and when Marcus grows a sleepy chubby, Nick begins to suck it into a full on boner.

By the time Marcus wakes up, his cock is already rock hard, so he decides to just go with it and worry about sleep another time. It doesn’t take long before both guys are sucking each others big dicks in some hot 69 action. But Nick wants more than just sucking some dick. He wanted Marcus hot ass for a while and know he will get it. He pushes his hard cock in Marcus’ tight ass and starts fucking it hard and deep.

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Corbin Fisher: Dawson fucks Kent

Corbin Fisher downloads

Dawson and Kent hop onto the sofa and start making out. Dawson comments on how much bigger Kent’s muscles are getting. The shirts come off and the kissing and foreplay gets more intense! Dawson plays with Kent’s nipple. Kent feels Dawson’s cock through his shorts. Dawson sucks on Kent’s toes. Dawson certainly enjoys Kent’s feet! He takes his time, giving each toe individual attention.

Kent’s so turned on by Dawson sucking his toes, that he can’t stop playing with himself through his jeans.When Dawson finishes up, Kent climbs on top of Dawson. He kisses him passionately and fees that perfect, chiseled chest. Kent pulls off Dawson’s shorts.

Dawson feeds the hungry Kent his dick. Kent’s stiff cock is sticking out of his jean. Dawson gets the jeans off so he can gobble down Kent’s big dick. Now Kent’s eager to take Dawson’s dick! But first, Dawson teases Kent’s hole, spitting on it, driving his tongue and finger inside.

This drives Kent wild. He has to have Dawson inside him! Dawson lubes up and slides into Kent’s awesome butt. You can almost hear Kent’s tight hole wrapping around Dawson’s dick!

Dawson pounds Kent hard as Kent leans over the back of the sofa. After Dawson smacks him on the ass, Kent lies flat on his back. Dawson shoves his cock back inside Kent. Dawson moans as he drills Kent faster and faster.

Kent strokes his cock as Dawson jackhammers him. “Oh, yeah! Right there!” Kent says. Dawson pushes Kent’s legs over his head, so he can push in even deeper. Then he slows things down, letting Kent enjoy every thrust of his cock. Dawson kisses Kent. Kent’s legs come down and Dawson fucks him hard and rhythmically. “I’m gonna fuck you till you come,” Dawson says.

It only takes moments! Kent jerks a huge load out of his cock. It sprays all over his abs. Dawson pulls out and blasts his load into Kent’s mouth. He sucks Dawson dry. The guys kiss, the taste of Dawson’s load on both their tongues!

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